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As your next State Senator, my pledge to you is that I will:

  1.  ALWAYS put Nevada families first, and provide a quality education for every child.

  2.  Support the ENTIRE U.S. Constitution.

  3.  Champion Voter ID laws to ensure the security of our elections with a potential Election Day holiday.

  4.  Stop un-ending Governor-imposed “emergency” mandates by introducing a bill requiring legislative   approval with a 2/3 majority of both the Assembly and Senate for any mandates that the Governor   wants to enact or extend for more than 30 consecutive days.

  5.  Support Law Enforcement to keep our neighborhoods safe.

  6.  Support adequate and affordable housing, medical care and mental health care for all Nevadans.

  7.  Strive to find ways to conserve water and other natural resources, as well as to protect the environment.


Other important issues include:

  1.  Reducing or repealing the Commerce Tax.

  2.  Supporting our Veterans, the Trades and jobs for a stronger economy.

  3.  Pushing for a livable minimum wage.

  4.  Working to build a more robust and diverse economy for Nevada.

  5.  Introducing legislation to stop the seemingly limitless powers of the Bureau of Land Management in   Nevada.

  6.  Proposing an end to Daylight Savings Time here in Nevada.

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